We are issuing ISIC for free to students and children affected by the war in Ukraine. More information can be found here.
Ми безкоштовно видаємо картки ISIC і ISIC Школяр, всім студентам і школярам України, які знаходяться у скрутній життєвій ситуації. Детальніше за посиланням.

Documents to the mobile application ALIVE APP

Terms of use for the ALIVE APP and the ALIVE Profile

This document regulates the use of the ALIVE APP, its functions, the use of the digital card and the exact settings of the ALIVE profile.

Terms of ALIVE Profile Management

The document governs the use of the ALIVE APP, its functionality, the use of digital ID and the exact setting of the user account of the ALIVE profile.

ALIVE APP Privacy Policy

The document describes and explains how we handle personal data in the ALIVE APP.