We are issuing ISIC for free to students and children affected by the war in Ukraine. More information can be found here.
Ми безкоштовно видаємо картки ISIC і ISIC Школяр, всім студентам і школярам України, які знаходяться у скрутній життєвій ситуації. Детальніше за посиланням.


The IYTC (International Youth Identity Card) is an international youth card. The card is issued by the world organization ISIC Association under the auspices of UNESCO. The IYTC card is valid in almost 130 countries around the world, where many benefits await the holder.

You can buy an IYTC card online.

Why get an IYTC card?

The IYTC card is intended for young people who are not entitled to an ISIC card, but want to enjoy similar benefits as students.

  • The card is recognized in almost 130 countries, where discounts can be obtained at tens of thousands of places.
  • Thousands of discounts are waiting for you in the Czech Republic alone.
  • By downloading the ALIVE APP, you will gain access to a digital IYTC and can have all its benefits always at hand.

Who is eligible for an IYTC?

Anyone under the age of 26 can obtain an IYTC card.

How do you get an IYTC card?

You can get an IYTC card easily and quickly using our online system.

What documents do I need to obtain an IYTC?

To issue a card, you will need: a color photo card (2.8 x 3.4 cm), proof of identity and a fee of CZK 350.

How long is an IYTC card valid for?

The IYTC card is always valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Digital IYTC

Download your ID to your mobile phone and keep the IYTC and all its benefits at hand.

Get an IYTC card

Order a card online

Ordering a card online is quick and easy. You can get your digital card within 24 hours from making an order.

Download your ID to your mobile phone and keep the IYTC and all its benefits at hand.