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You do not have to study to enjoy student discounts! If you’re under 26, there’s still a world of discounts available to you!

IYTC or “International Youth Travel Card” is an international youth card. Valid in over 130 countries, its holders bring a lot of great benefits and discounts! You can also get year-round travel insurance through UNIQA from 300 CZK with the IYTC card.

The IYTC card is intended for those who are still young enough to enjoy life. The only condition to get this card is your age (on the card issue date you must be under 26).


Validity of IYTC card is different from the other cards: cards are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Where can I get IYTC card?

The IYTC card is valid for 12 months you can easily make a purchase via:

  • Online ordering
    Simply upload a confirmation of identity and age together with a photo via our web application. After payment, we will mail the card to your home.

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