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ITIC card

What is ITIC Card

ITIC card (International Teacher Identity Card) is the only internationally recognized proof for teachers. With this card, thousands of Teachers in the Czech Republic are able to access many attractive discounts on travel, culture, sport and leisure.

Eligible teachers must have be a kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, post-secondary, or tertiary teacher who works full-time for a minimum period of at least one school year, at a school that is approved by the Ministry of Education.

ITIC is issued with UNESCO endorsement, reinforcing the importance the card as a tool in academic education. The card is issued on behalf of the global ISIC Association in the Czech Republic by the sole licensing authority, GTS ALIVE LTD.


The basic validity of the ITIC is the same as ISIC, 16 months – from September 1st of one year to the end of December of the following year. This validity remains constant regardless of the date of issuance.

In the period from September to December, it is possible for card validities to overlap. Card orders placed after August will have the new 16 month validity.

School / University ITIC Card

The vast majority of ISIC cards issued in the Czech Republic are issued directly by the schools / universities. These cards are able to be revalidated each academic year by the school / university using an ISIC approved revalidation sticker.

A school / university issued ITIC card is issued once for the entire time the teacher is contracted to the school. These school / university issued cards generally offer a discount on the retail price and are also able to take advantage of the annual renewal system which enables the cardholder to retain the same card throughout their teaching contract.

Cards issued by the schools / universities can also contain microchips which enable teachers to access required features (entry into buildings, use in cafeterias and canteens, copiers, library cards etc.).

Does your school / university offer an ITIC card? More infromation can be found here. Sale prices for ITIC´s may vary from school to school based on the school´s recruitments.

Single-issue ITIC Card (Valid for one academic cycle)

An ITIC card can be valid for 16 months and you can easily and quickly purchase using one of two ways:

  • Online ordering
    Fill in the web application, which requires to upload a document confirming your teaching status as issued by your school / university. After payment, we will mail the card to your home.
  • Distribution network
    You can purchase an ITIC while you wait through our ISIC agent network across the country.

Please note that unlike the school / university cards, you cannot extend the validity of these cards, and these cards will not contain any microchips that may be used for various practical purposes on your school´s campus.

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