ISIC (International Student Identity Card) is the only globally recognized proof of student status for high schools, colleges and universities and selected one-year post-secondary fields of study.

This card has been issued on behalf of the globally run ISIC Association under the auspices of UNESCO for more than 65 years!

You can buy your card at your school or online.

Why get an ISIC card?

  • Globally recognized proof of student status.
  • Card holders can use number of discounts all over the world. ISIC is valid in over 130 countries, allowing access to more than 135.000 discount locations globally including thousands of discounts in the Czech Republic.
  • Recognized as a proof of study in Czech public transport.
  • By downloading the ALIVE APP, you will gain access to a digital ISIC and can have all its benefits always at hand.

Who is eligible for an ISIC card?

The lower or upper age limit for obtaining an ISIC card is not fixed. ISIC therefore is even available to students over the age 26 if the student is enrolled in full-time study (for at least six months), or if a student is attending a high school. Only schools registered with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic are recognized. Elementary school pupils can be eligible for an ISIC Školák card.


Who is not eligible for an ISIC card?

For example, the following are not eligible for an international ISIC card:

  • students of combined and distance forms of study,
  • students at schools abroad (including foreign branches of Czech schools),
  • student soldiers / professional police officers not studying civilian programs,
  • students at schools not recognized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic


How can I obtain an ISIC card?

You can obtain an ISIC school card, which is issued directly by the schools themselves. However, if your school does not issue a card, simply obtain a single-issue ISIC card, which can be purchased online. The ISIC card is always valid from the beginning of September of one year to the end of December of the following year. You can easily extend the validity of your school card every year with a revalidation stamp. Contact your school contact for more information. You cannot extend the validity of a single-issue card. When the expiration date is approaching, you need to buy a new one.


What documents do I need to get an ISIC card?

In the case of a school card, find out the conditions of issue directly at the school, where you will get the most accurate information. To issue a single-issue ISIC card, you will need: a color photo card (2.8 x 3.4 cm), proof of identity, a completed application for a card with a school stamp and a fee of CZK 350. If you are under 15 years of age, your legal guardian must apply for a card on your behalf.


Digital ISIC

Download your card to your mobile phone and keep ISIC and all its benefits always at hand.

Does your school issue ISIC?

Find out if you can apply for an ISIC school card directly at the school you attend.

Get a single-issue card

Order card online

Ordering a card online is quick and easy. You can get your digital card within 24 hours from making an order.

Download your card to your mobile phone and keep ISIC and all its benefits always at hand.