About Us

We are a proud team at GTS ALIVE s.r.o. and we take care of everything around the ISIC cards.

For more than 25 years, GTS ALIVE has been the exclusive issuer of the ISIC, ITIC, IYTC and ALIVE cards in the Czech Republic. We are part of the GTS ALIVE Group, which operates in Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, and Latin America. We are one of the important members of the non-profit organization ISIC Association, which provides the validity for the ISIC cards and brings together their issuers around the world.

Management team

Radek Schich
Karel Beck
Universities, Insurance, and Legal
Zdeněk David
Media and Partnerships Manager
Jakub Rozkydal
Sales and ID systems Manager
Adéla Žofková
HR and Customer Service Manager
Lukáš Kabíček
IT Manager

Company executives

David Boniface
Matt East
Tomáš Vyskočil
Jana Valušová
Director of International Business Development

What do we do and why?

We have set ourselves the goal of simplifying everyday life for students, pupils and their teachers and offer them a wide range of benefits and discounts together with the international ID cards. We work tirelessly to expand our list of benefit partners so that you can make the full use of your ID cards.

We enjoy our work, and we are pleased to serve more and more card holders every year. We have long been praised by the ISIC Association as the best country with the largest distribution of the ISIC cards, in competition with 130 countries around the world.

Values we share

1Satisfied customer

High ethical standards of the company and its products are the basis of a quality relationship with customers. A satisfied customer is the basis of our company’s existence. It is therefore equally important for both the company and each of its employees. 

2An employee is more than just a wheel in a machine

Each employee bears their own personal responsibility for what they do, how they do it, and the results their work brings. At the same time, they are also encouraged to perceive the work in the context of the entire company and maintain a certain overlap. In our company, everyone can realize their full potential and influence the creation of products or the direction of the company. 

3We work together, trust each other and act fairly

We profess a team spirit that respects each other regardless of their position, age, gender, or nationality and are willing to help each other. We trust one another and we act honestly; as a team, in cooperation with our partners and towards our customers. 

4We work to make it all fun and fulfilling

A good atmosphere in the team and a friendly environment are the basis of our quality communication and cooperation. Our work and its benefits make sense to us. We create and enjoy an informal work environment and company culture. 

5We are moving forward

The area of ​​our operation on the market does not allow stagnation. We are flexible in the creation of products, their management and sales, but also in the approach to solving all situations within the team, towards customers or partners. Innovation is what we embrace. We are constantly developing products, solutions, procedures, and processes. 

6We are experts in what we do

We deliver everything we create with the highest possible quality. That is why we are constantly educating ourselves and following new trends in our field of specialisation, it is necessary that our solutions and products are always at its best professional level. 

7We believe in equality

We condemn discrimination in all forms, and we believe in diversity. We treat everyone as equal.  


Do you need help?

  • 226-222-333
  • info@isic.cz
  • Po–Pá 8.00–17.00

Billing information

  • GTS ALIVE s.r.o.
    Na Maninách 1092/20
    170 00 Praha 7
  • POZOR, na této adrese nevystavujeme průkazy.

Contact information

  • Název: GTS ALIVE s.r.o.
    IČ: 261 93 272
    DIČ: CZ 261 93 272
    Sídlo: Na Maninách 1092/20,
    170 00, Praha 7
    zapsaná v obchodním rejstříku vedeném Městským soudem v Praze v oddíle C, vložka 78560

Did you find an ISIC, ITIC, IYTC or ALIVE card?

If you have found one of these cards, please send it to the address above and we will forward the card to its owner. Thank you.