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SKY WALKERS Czech republic s.r.o.

<p>SKYWALKERS provides the plane climbs into an altitude of up to 4200 m ( 14000 ft) , which takes about 15 minutes so you can enjoy yourselves while looking at beatiful czech countryside. Then green light flashes, plane door opens, your heart stops for a while and off you go, jump! Flying like a bird, freefalling for about 1 minute at the speed of more than 200 km/h , then shoot opens and you are cruising the sky for another 6 minutes. For the landing you simply lift your legs in the air and our proffesional tandem pilots will get you safely to the ground again.</p>

Tandemový seskok Seskok Parašutismus Volný pád Letadlo Letiště Padák

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SKY WALKERS Czech republic s.r.o.

SKY WALKERS Czech republic s.r.o.
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