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Divadlo Radka Brzobohatého

<p>The <strong>Radek Brzobohatý Theatre</strong> has earned a popularity among the audience, which it has been building since 2002.</p> <p>DRB seeks out plays by playwrights who have made an unforgettable mark or are currently making their mark in theatre history, or who in some way closely touch on some of the phenomena of human civilisation. It does not focus exclusively on <strong>original theatre texts </strong><em>('</em><a href=""><em>The Miser</em></a><em>', '</em><a href=""><em>Marysha</em></a><em>', the 2019 British comedy '</em><a href=""><em>I'm Home, Darling!</em></a> <em>'...)</em>, but also presents <strong>theatrical transcriptions </strong>of unforgettable <strong>films, novels or TV series</strong> <em>('</em><a href=""><em>One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest</em></a><em>', '</em><a href=""><em>The Itinerant Ones</em></a><em>')</em>, dramatizations of the lives of <strong>famous personalities</strong> <em>('</em><a href=""><em>Freddie - The Concert Show</em></a><em>')</em> or <strong>world premieres of comedies</strong> written specifically for our theatre <em>('</em><a href=""><em>You Are Not a Woman, Sir!</em></a> Everything that has become a phenomenon, be it from the point of view of the world, the Czech Republic or even Prague itself, is in the spotlight of this theatre.</p> <p>In addition, since the 2017 / 2018 season, the <strong>Come to the Classics</strong> series has been running here <strong>!</strong> <strong>🙂</strong> which introduces younger audiences to older works that have already become classics <em>('</em><a href=""><em>The Miser</em></a><em>', '</em><a href=""><em>Peter and Lucie</em></a><em>' and '</em><a href=""><em>One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest</em></a><em>', with 'Don Quixote' to be added in spring 2024)</em>.</p>

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Divadlo Radka Brzobohatého

Divadlo Radka Brzobohatého
Opletalova 5/7
Praha 1
111 44

50.0813431, 14.4298004

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