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Divadlo Radka Brzobohatého

One of the main priorities of the Radek Brzobohaty's Theatre is to perform such titles of world drama which were not performed in Czech theatres yet. The dramaturgic plan includes sophisticated conversation comedies and musical comedies (Vyhazovači, Barmanky, Klec bláznů, Zlaté časy etc.) because we think that there is enough sadness around us and people should relax when they come to our theatre. Lately, we started to perform more classical world pieces such as Cyrano or Twelve Angry Men. All our titles are successful not only in our theatre but also during numerous theatrical tours around Czech and Slovak Republic. Our theatre currently performs 12 titles and some of them are so popular that we perform them for 10 years! Most of the music is composed by Ondřej Brzobohatý (appears in 2 of our plays), costumes and design are made by acclaimed artist JIří Jelínek and director of the play is usually our company boss Hana Gregorová who also plays in many titles.

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Divadlo Radka Brzobohatého

Divadlo Radka Brzobohatého
Opletalova 5/7
Praha 1
111 44

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