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Public Transport in Prague

This Urban transport company was founded September 1, 1897 under the name Electric Company Royal Capital City of Prague. This evolved several time from an electrical company to in 1991, the Transport Company converted to a public limited company whose sole shareholder is the City of Prague. DPP now operate a network of metro stations, which form the backbone of the public transport system, and passengers can use the 57 stations on three lines A, B, and C, whose length is 59.4 km accessed by over 700 metro-cars. Also the network extends to trams and buses.


MHD Doprava Autobus Metro Tramvaj

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Your valid ISIC is accepted as a proof of study when buying LÍTAČKA

The DPP accepts your valid ISIC card as proof of study, but only if it can be verified electronically. Your ISIC must contain chip technology compatible with DPP services. For compatibility, please check with your school/University, or contact ISIC directly. ISIC is accepted only from September to September of the next year. They do not accept digital ISIC

Public Transport

Use of ISIC for PID pass transport valid for students

An ISIC card, which can be electronically verified by the DPP (internal chip verified – not all ISIC cards are equipped with this feature), can be used as a PID pass for public transport. With a verified and valid card, it´s possible to use your ISIC to buy the student (ages 19-26) coupons (monthly, quarterly) according to PID tariff pricing.

Public Transport

Your valid ISIC is accepted as a proof of study when buying ticket in eshop

The DPP accepts your valid ISIC card as proof of study when buying ticket for student 19-26 years old. ISIC must be registred in your profile in system www.pidlitacka.cz. The DPP accept only ISIC issued in the Czech Republic.

Public Transport

Dopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy

Dopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy
Letenská 118/1
Praha 1

50.0899611, 14.4097626


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