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Lokál offers carefully prepared beer and freshly cooked homemade food. Beer travels the shortest route from the tank into a pint to be as fresh as possible. Chefs cook Czech classics without artificial flavors. The honest cuisine is based on fresh ingredients and quality of local suppliers and is suitable for everyday meals.


Pivo Restaurace Lokál Ambiente Hospoda Čerstvé jídlo

Discount rating: 3.5 Rated by 6 customers.

20% discount on food

Lokál offers carefully prepared beer and freshly cooked homemade food. Show your ISIC card and get a Lokál student card with 20% discount on meals! The card is issued each year to a valid ISIC card. To receive a discount, it is required to present a valid ISIC card at each visit. More information at http://lokal.ambi.cz/en/lokal-card.

Restaurants and Pubs

Lokál Dlouhá

Lokál Dlouhá
Dlouhá 33
Praha 1
110 00

50.0907051, 14.4258853

Lokál Hamburk

Lokál Hamburk
Sokolovská 55
Praha 8
186 00

50.0938906, 14.4501744

Lokál Pod Divadlem

Lokál Pod Divadlem
Bezručova 34
301 00

49.7465035, 13.3739812

Lokál U Bílé Kuželky

Lokál U Bílé Kuželky
Míšeňská 12
Praha 1
110 00

50.0876375, 14.4075439

Lokál Nad Stromovkou

Lokál Nad Stromovkou
Nad Královskou oborou 232/31
Praha 7
170 00

50.1030876, 14.4182643

Lokál U Caipla

Lokál U Caipla
Kozí 115/3
602 00

49.1958818, 16.6096611

Lokál U Zavadilů

Lokál U Zavadilů
K Verneráku 70/1
Praha 4
148 00

50.0142114, 14.4857238


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