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Necessary and immediate care of foreigners

  • Tarify
  • Area validity
  • Necessary health care The necessary and immediate health care includes the necessary care of medical emergency and rescue services, physician-ordered transportation to the nearest adequate medical facility, determination of diagnosis and medical treatment, including necessary examinations, necessary and immediate medical treatments, including necessary medication and medical material, and necessary hospitalization for a necessary period of time. The scope of all this will not exceed the scope of necessary and immediate care covered by the public health insurance in the Czech Republic.
  • Comprehensive health care The comprehensive health care means health care provided to the insured in order to preserve the health condition he was in prior to the insurance policy closure. The comprehensive health insurance includes outpatient and inpatient medical care, including diagnostic care, preventive care, dispensary care, and also emergency and rescue services, provision of medication and transportation of the ill and the potential repatriation of the insured or his remains. The provision of comprehensive health care is guaranteed in a network of contractual medical facilities. The scope of all this will not exceed the scope of necessary and immediate care covered by the public health insurance in the Czech Republic.
  • Indemnification limit The insurance is arranged with the agreed insurance exclusions and indemnification limit per insured event.
  • Medical transportation Costs of physician-ordered transportation to the nearest suitable hospital or physician's office. Transportation of an insured incapable of travelling by the regular means of transportation, possibly the costs of transportation of the insured's remains to a country whose passport the insured owns or owned or to the insured's country of legal residence.
  • Urgent dental treatment Dental treatment to eliminate pain, simple dental filling.
  • Outpatient prescription Outpatient prescription issued to the insured during his medical treatment.
  • Preventive care
  • Medical examination
  • Dental examination
  • Examination by a gynecologist OFor females from 15 years of age.
  • Mandatory vaccination
  • Price



  • Czech Republic + Schengen
  • 60 000 EUR

Necessary and immediate care of foreigners

The insurance covers necessary and immediate care, and it is recommended for a foreigner’s short-term stay in the Czech Republic.

Tariff: BASIC

  • It is especially convenient for short-term and long-term visas processed by the Czech Republic’s foreign embassies.
  • The minimum insurance term is 1 months.
  • It meets the requirements of Act No. 326/1999 Coll.
  • The policy is valid within Schengen as well.


Minimum coverage is for 3 months.
If you have any questions, please contact us via FB ISICPOINT, e-mail: isicpoint@isic.cz or tel 226 222 329 (reg. business hours).

Price list

Věk BASIC Basic student**
0 – 18 550 Kč x
19 – 60 600 Kč 550 Kč
61 – 69 700 Kč x

Price in CZK per 1 month.
Student discount on insurance = 50 CZK per month.

Liability insurance

  • discharge: 40 000 EUR, complicity 40 EUR

List of contracted medical facilities: +420 234 280 234
The form for reporting damage

Complaints and detailed information
E-mail: martin.blecha@uniqa.cz

Important notice!

In case of emergency that requires a medical attention please contact assistant service and provide them with your name, insurance number and telephone number. Contacting the assistance service by calling tel.no.: +420 234 280 234 is the easiest way to avoid any complication before visiting a medical centre.

Why is it important to contact the assistant service first?

Assistant service will help you choose the right hospital and will inform you whether you´ll pay for the treatment yourself or it will be covered directly by UNIQUA insurance company. Some hospitals require patients to cover their medical bills by themselves, and they can ask for the reimbursement from insurance company afterword. Therefore, is necessary to contact assistant service first so that they could help you solve your problems.

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