Terms of ALIVE Profile Management

1. Introductory Provisions

1.1. These Terms of ALIVE profile Management (the “Terms”) set forth the rights and obligations of the profile operator and the profile user.

1.2. The ALIVE profile (“ALIVE profile”) is established and operated by GTS ALIVE s.r.o, Commercial Reg. No. 26193272, with its registered office at Na Maninách 1092/20, Holešovice, 170 00 Prague 7, registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 78560 (“GTS”).

1.3. The purpose of the personal profile is to provide the opportunity to keep track of all services and products purchased from and/or provided by GTS. ALIVE profile displays and archives the issued ID cards, purchased insurance and provides other functionalities.

2. User

2.1. ALIVE profile is intended without restriction for all natural persons (the “User”), including holders of any of the ALIVE, ISIC, ISIC SCHOLAR, ITIC and IYTC cards (the “Card”) and including holders of any Card or digital card issued during their studies at an educational establishment/school/university/higher education institution (the “School”) according to the internal procedures of the School.

2.2. ALIVE profile is also intended without restriction for all persons who have concluded the ISIC travel insurance or health insurance mediated by GTS ALIVE Services s.r.o. (“GTS ALIVE Services”) or bought within the GTS system.

2.3. By using ALIVE profile, the User agrees and undertakes to comply with these Terms, and likewise acknowledges and declares that they understand the information on the processing of personal data in accordance with the Data Privacy Policy.

2.4. Acceptance of these Terms by the User means conclusion of an agreement on the provision of services in the form of ALIVE profile management between GTS and the User.

2.5. The content of the services is provided free of charge, unless the User is notified in advance of a paid service and agrees thereto by accepting separate conditions of the paid service.

2.6. A User under the age of 15 is entitled to conclude the agreement only with consent of their legal guardian who shall also agree to personal data processing.

3. Features

3.1. ALIVE profile offers to its Users the following functionalities and benefits:

3.1.1. The User may keep track of all valid Cards, including the information on the expiration dates, type and validity thereof,

3.1.2. The User can find out which Cards are about to expire in less than 3 months,

3.1.3. The User can find information about the Cards and the options of their use and acquisition,

3.1.4. When used with the ALIVE APP, the Users can display their Cards in digital form,

3.1.5. The Users have available overview of their valid insurance policies, including information on their insurance number, term of effect and the options of withdrawing from the insurance policy,

3.1.6. The Users have the opportunity to view their insurance products for the last year,

3.1.7. The Users have the option to set up their profile individually and change their settings.

3.2. ALIVE profile can be used either through the ALIVE APP mobile Application or through login via the web interface at www.isic.cz/profilalive/profil

4. Establishment, Termination and Duration of Membership

4.1. Users open their ALIVE profile profiles in the mobile ALIVE APP or through registration on the website www.isic.cz/profilalive/profil, by filling in properly and correctly their:

4.1.1. Name and surname,

4.1.2. Date of birth,

4.1.3. Telephone number,

4.1.4. Gender (optional).

By tapping the Appropriate button the User agrees with these Terms and gets acquainted with the processing of their personal data within the scope of ALIVE profile management.

4.2. The profile is established upon successful registration, which is confirmed by a confirmation e-mail.

4.3. The profile is established for an indefinite period.

4.4. Users are entitled to cancel their ALIVE profile at any time. To cancel ALIVE profile, Users shall proceed as follows: 4.4.1. Log in to the profile online through the link www.isic.cz/profilalive/profil, select the “cancel ALIVE profile” option and follow the instructions displayed.

4.5. GTS is entitled to terminate the management of ALIVE profiles or to change the profiles at any time. Among other things, GTS shall terminate a ALIVE profile in the event that:

4.5.1. GTS ceases to manage registration ALIVE profiles or converts them into other profiles,

4.5.2. The User violates these Terms,

4.5.3. The User commits fraudulent conduct or unfair action towards GTS, attempts to circumvent these Terms or acts contrary to good manners.

4.5.4. The User requests termination of their personal data processing needed for management of ALIVE profile.

4.6. Each and any person is entitled to have only one ALIVE profile established.

4.7. GTS does not guarantee all services to be error-free, continuously available and/or to avoid damaging/hacking.

4.8. If the User confirms so in their browser or logs in to the profile via the ALIVE APP, then the login to ALIVE profile is permanent. The User undertakes to protect access to the mobile device through Appropriate security features according to the mobile device (eg passwords, etc.) and to protect these security features (especially passwords).

4.9. In the event that the mobile device is lost or stolen, it is necessary to immediately change the access details to ALIVE profile. It is also possible to block the profile so that it is not misused. To block ALIVE profile, Users shall proceed as follows:

4.9.1. Send an e-mail to info@isic.cz.

4.10. In case a User forgets their password, they can request a password recovery, in which case the User will receive an e-mail with a link for the password recovery and will be prompted to enter a new password; passwords must meet basic security rules.

5. Licensing Provisions

5.1. If, in connection with the use of ALIVE profile, a copyrighted work in the sense of Act No. 121/2000 Coll., the Copyright Act, as amended (the “Copyright Act”), or another legally protected intangible asset (the “Work”) are created, which the User sends to GTS or publishes in the user environment of ALIVE profile, by posting or publishing of such a work the User grants to GTS a non-exclusive and free-of-charge consent to use the work (all parts thereof, including separately) for all known purposes, especially for publication on the web, in

communication channels or materials and for advertising, promotional and marketing purposes of GTS in terms of dissemination and use of such a work in the media, thus to an unlimited extent (including unlimited territorial, material, quantitative and temporal scope). GTS is not obliged to use this license and is entitled to modify the work for the needs thereof in accordance with the Copyright Act. If, in the sense of the Copyright Act, the author’s (the User’s) consent is required in order to handle the work in another way (eg for the purpose of its modification, processing, translation, use of a part thereof, creation of a joint work, etc.), it is understood that the consent was expressly granted by sending of the work to GTS in an above manner of posting/publishing. GTS is entitled to transfer (or sublicense) this license to third parties at its sole discretion. By the above described posting/publishing of the work, the user expressly declares that he/she is the author of the work and as such is entitled to grant the consents, and that the use of the work will in no way affect any third party’s rights, ie the rights of persons captured or displayed in the work, rights of the owners of assets or trademarks depicted or mentioned in the work, etc. All the necessary consents related to the work shall be settled by the User at his/her own expense and responsibility. In the event that the contrary is proven, the User shall be fully liable for all property and non-property damages incurred in this connection by GTS, and undertakes to immediately indemnify/atone for them in full. This in particular means that if, as a result of the lack of consent by the person concerned, GTS or another person suffer any material and/or non-material damage (eg by imposing thereto an obligation to provide satisfaction or a fine), the User shall be obliged to compensate or atone for the damage in full. In the above case, GTS shall be entitled not to publish the submitted work, or to delete the work already published.

5.2. At any time, upon prior request from GTS, the User undertakes to prove: by a written solemn declaration that he/she has created the work in question personally and that he/she has unlimited rights to grant other persons the right to use the work in all manners and to the extent specified above; by a written express consent of the person or all persons captured/mentioned in the work in question that they agree with capturing/mentioning of their person/name in the work and that they agree to the use of the work to the extent of the provisions herein. This Applies by analogy to the rights of owners of assets or trademarks or other third parties’ assets and interest protected by law depicted, mentioned or otherwise captured in the work, etc. If the User does not meet the above requirement, GTS shall be entitled not to publish the submitted work, or to delete the work already published.

6. Use, Rights and Obligations

6.1. ALIVE profile is a copyrighted work and includes copyrights and other protected rights. The User undertakes not to violate and damage the rights of GTS and/or third parties when using ALIVE profile, to comply with the Applicable law and to act in accordance with these Terms and good manners.

6.2. Users are not authorized to:

6.2.1. Interfere with the security of ALIVE profile interface,

6.2.2. Misuse ALIVE profile for purposes other than set forth herein,

6.2.3. Distribute harmful content, viruses or other dangerous software,

6.2.4. Violate Applicable legislation, these Terms and other legal documents issued by GTS in connection with the use of ALIVE profile.

6.3. Users acknowledge that ALIVE profile may have limited availability (in whole or in part) due to an update, a failure, a connection unavailability or as a result of third party’s actions.

6.4. GTS is entitled to entrust the operation of ALIVE profile to a third party and/or third parties at any time.

6.5. GTS has the right to extend, replace and modify available features of ALIVE profile.

6.6. GTS is not responsible for the delivery of any messages and/or for any response of ALIVE profile and/or any functionality of the hardware that is used when using ALIVE profile.

6.7. GTS is not responsible for and is not obliged to provide regular maintenance or support of ALIVE profile, and is not obliged to perform its features updates or development.

6.8. GTS reserves all copyrights to the content of ALIVE profile, including texts, graphics, source code and other copyrighted works in the sense of the Applicable legislation. The third parties’ rights are reserved too and are unaffected by the previous sentence.

6.9. The contents of ALIVE profile may not be altered, copied or distributed in any way without the prior written consent of GTS.

6.10. Users are entitled to use ALIVE profile only for private (non-commercial) purposes. Any commercial use of ALIVE profile or use other than provided for in these Terms is subject to the written consent of GTS.

6.11. Any expressions, actions, etc. of Users in connection with their profile must not in its form or content in any way violate or threaten generally accepted rules of social morality, civil coexistence, good manners or generally binding legislation, nor contain religious or political subtext.

7. Confidentiality

7.1. GTS does not provide the Users’ confidential data to third parties, except in the case of GTS service providers, authorized processors of personal data and/or companies in the GTS Group providing the operation of ALIVE profile.

7.2. By using ALIVE profile, the User agrees that GTS is entitled to collect technical information in order to support ALIVE profile, to facilitate provision of services within ALIVE profile and/or to provide other services.

7.3. Processing of personal data while using ALIVE profile is set forth in the Data Privacy Policy.

7.4. The User undertakes to protect access to ALIVE profile and not to allow access thereto to third parties.

7.5. The User undertakes to notify GTS at the contacts above of any important facts that could jeopardize the confidentiality of ALIVE profile and the Card, and/or that could cause other harm to GTS/third parties.

8. Final Provisions

8.1. The agreement on the provision of ALIVE profile services shall stay in force until terminated by the User and/or GTS.

8.2. GTS is entitled to change these Terms. Any such change shall be always notified and by rejecting thereof, which Users have the right to do, the profile shall be canceled.

8.3. The user profile is not subject to inheritance rights and the membership is not transferable.

8.4. In case of doubt, a person who proves their identity and authorization to dispose of a specified e-mail address shall be considered the User.

8.5. After the termination of the agreement, it is not possible to use the functionality of ALIVE profile herein, ie, for example, the User will be denied access to his/her profile.

8.6. The operation of ALIVE profile and the Terms are governed by the laws of the Czech Republic. Any dispute, unless settled amicably, shall be decided by a competent court in the Czech Republic.

8.7. GTS is not responsible for the availability of ALIVE profile and/or components thereof.

8.8. The User is not entitled to compensation for damages incurred during the use of ALIVE profile and/or due to its unavailability.

8.9. In the event that ALIVE profile contains links to third parties’ websites, GTS shall not be responsible for their content and for these links.

8.10. These Terms are effective from 1st May 2021. GTS has the right to change the Terms with effect from the date of notification.

8.11. The text of the Terms is published here.